Thursday, July 23, 2009

I dream about living in the county one day. Of course in my ‘dream’ it is all rambling old cottage (beautifully fixed up with all mod-cons of course), gorgeous garden adjacent to bountiful veggie patch and a few well behaved, healthy farm animals who roam freely without wreaking havoc on said garden! The reality I know will probably not be quite so picturesque or perfect, but we’re all allowed to dream. I have wonderful friends who packed in the city life and moved onto their dream farm – in their case a simply gorgeous lavender farm. Lucky, lucky them, yes indeed, but I don’t think its quite as fabulous as I like to believe. That’s not to say they are unhappy with their decision, they love their farm, but it can be tough and in fact they have decided to move into the local village rather than live on their farm. However, this has not dampened my dream one bit! I don’t see myself as a farmer, in fact I don’t want a farm at all, just the country cottage......something like these pictures ;)

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