Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back to blogging and a brilliant business idea...

After two very intense and busy weeks of clients and shoots I have a bit of a breather before my next job.  It feels so good to be sitting at my dining room table, dogs at my feet and my daughters pottering around - bliss.  I also have two very special friends from Johannesburg staying for the weekend and it is so great to catch up with them and find out whats up in their lives face to face.  They are a pretty dynamic couple and have the most awesome business they are about to launch.  I can't say too much on the blogesphere at this stage, but I will give you a hint in the pics below.....  If you are in Cape Town of Johannesburg, keep your eyes open in the next couple of months....
They have gone off to get us a fresh fish to put on the coals for dinner and I am going to visit some of my favourite blogs for a bit of a catch-up!
Have a wonderful weekend xx

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