Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to the future

Yesterday my daughters and I were looking through some old photo folders on my computer for pictures of one of Sarah's friends - it is her birthday and she wanted to make a collage of pictures from when they first became friends at age 6 to now (her friend is turning 14).  Their generation is so fortunate as they will always have an amazing record of theirs and their friends lives - thanks to digital photography and social networks.  My parents have a few photo albums from when we were young and I am ashamed to say both my sister and I went through a stage of throwing out embarrassing pics and removing others from the album for ourselves that have since been lost.  For years I kept boxes of things like letters from friends, diaries, photographs and even posters from my wall from when I was a teenager, but then we moved cities and when packing up ours and my mums house (she moved at the same time) we ended up throwing out these very boxes in the stress of the move.  There were two posters that I am particularly sorry I no longer have - for no other reason than they had been so special when I got them and the envy of my friends!  One was a Sara Moon poster - remember them?!  That was from my early teens - I have just done a bit of a search and there is quite an interesting story behind them - you can read it here.  The other was an uber-80's airbrushed illustration in electric colours of a girl on rollerskates carrying a tray of soda's and burgers.  I can't find it on the net but I did find the pic below with the melting telephone, my sister had this one, and the one above is very similar in style and colour to the one I had.
I am sorry I ever threw any of those things away but at the same time its impossible to keep everything - my husband complains of my hoarding as it is! 

 Pictures from Sara Moon Art Gallery

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