Friday, June 24, 2011


We're really getting Southern Hemisphere winter weather now - as I sit here the rain is belting down outside and both of my dogs are curled up at me feet - what bliss.  Emma is out building houses with her school friends for Habitat for Humanity and although they will be cold and wet I bet they are having such fun!
I have so many letters to reply to and write and of course the easiest is to just email everyone, but I know how special it is to receive a letter in the post so I feel I should be doing that rather.  Thinking of all my friends in other parts of the world makes me desperate to travel, but its just not going to be possible this year.  I will have to settle for some armchair travel!
I wish I could post myself to any one of these postboxes!  Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are and whatever you are doing xx

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  1. You just made winter sound appealing (never thought I would say that!) There is nothing better than getting a card or letter through snail-mail post! I really love the post box in the first pic! Enjoy your weekend!