Sunday, September 13, 2009

It is Sunday the 13th September and weeks since I have even considered writing anything for my blog – just no time! And if I don’t write something today, it will be another few weeks before I get a chance to do so again.
Our busy season has started again and therefore time to get my head around work and out of the clouds so to speak! Fortunately my work does provide windows of inspiration, such as the amazing village we shot in this week. We were shooting a commercial for Sunlight washing powder in a little village up the West Coast of Cape Town called Mamre. Apparently originally a mission village, this is now a thriving community of predominantly poor people with some locals who have become more prosperous. What struck us the most was the level of creativity, ingenuity and flair of the home owners – what we would throw out or pass over as junk, they have found a use for or turned into art.

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