Saturday, September 4, 2010

The hens are home to roost

This morning I collected our two new members of the family - Blousy Brown and Nugget!  They are two gorgeous hens and although they are both still very shy and made a beeline for their hen house before I could get some pics of them, I now feel like the family is complete again.  Our original hens went home with the labourers when we were doing some renovations a few years ago....  I still need to introduce them properly to Pippa but I'll let them settle in a little first, Lulu is accustomed to chickens and hasn't shown the least bit of interest.  I'm looking forward to seeing them roaming the garden and scratching through the compost, and those lovely fresh eggs of course.


  1. Would love to have some chickens one day! Used to love collecting the eggs when visiting my grandparents farm!

  2. There are few things more rewarding than collecting fresh eggs! They are very sweet Lana and good at keeping the gardens pests under control :)