Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's in my hand bag right now....

Inspired by the post on Design Sponge "whats in your pocket book", I decided to have a peak at what I am carrying around in my handbag!  Well, here it is:
My Moleskin diary - essential!
A HUGE bottle vitamins - I really aught to leave the huge bottle at home and decant a few into a smaller bottle
Hand cream - something that I really should use more often than I do....
My Blackberry - alas, essential
My Blackberry USB charger, wish I didn't have to carry that around all the time but always need it when I don't have it
A stick of solid perfume - love it
Elizabeth Arden 8Hour lip balm - essential!!!  I saw in a magazine the other day that Elizabeth Arden has brought out a limited edition vintage tin of 8Hour Cream - gotta get one of those :)
A piece of ribbon - I am a present wrapping freak and I also can't bear to see people throw good ribbon away so I am forever rescuing bits of ribbons from bins when they turn their backs for re-use
Various bits of paper (aka rubbish!)
A tax bill - I am in denial but I really must pay it or I will incur penalties
A USB flashdrive - always useful
A pen - I usually have at least 3, I wonder where the others have gone?
A brooch - I wondered where that had got to
My purse
My Canon G9 camera - I love having a camera on me, its worth lugging it about and always useful

Whats in your bag?!

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