Friday, October 1, 2010

Circus Chic

I just LOVE this fashion shoot by photographer Laspata DeCaro. I'm mad about the fashion, (even though it dates back to 2008, the clothes are still gorgeous!) and the circus theme - there is something quite romantic and a little bit decadent about a circus - although I am dead against performing animals.  Its the colours and decor that I love about them, and the flamboyance and daring of the trapeze artists.  You can view more from the shoot on Fashiontography.


  1. Hi there Lisa!
    I so glad you are one of my new followers! I really like your blog and the inspiration that is given here so I´ve become your new follower as well!
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. Really?????
    I love her blog sooo much!!!
    and your's of couse, too :)

  3. Gosh amazing!!!! love love love! What a blog!!!! miss you always

  4. Look at the model... she is so GORGEOUS!! And you're right, the fashion alone is to die for. Great post girl!!