Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things to tell my daughters..

I have a nasty habit of waking far too early on a Saturday morning.  I am a morning person so I am not one for lying in bed late on weekends anyway, but I'm talking about waking really early - just at the break of dawn with the first over zealous birds!  It doesn't really bother me but I tend to have an overactive mind at that time of the day and sometimes too much thinking isn't always productive.  Anyway, some of the things I do lie in bed and think of are bits of advice for my girls, just random things that pop into my head - like 'be kind to the elderly' and 'switch off lights when you leave a room and don't waste water' or 'travel to as many destinations as possible'.
I have been told many times before to keep a notebook next to my bed and to write things down - dreams, thoughts, whatever - but who really wants to sit up, put the lights on and write things down when you are all snuggled under the covers!
I intend to be around for long enough for my girls to have to take heed of my first piece of advice (be kind to the elderly), and over the years I will impart my advice as it pops into my head, but I think I am also going to start writing some of it down (not at the crack of dawn however) so that if for any reason I am not close by when they need some sage (or motherly) advice, they can access my "database"!!  When they read this they will no doubt cringe but I know that experience counts for a lot and sometimes you don't have to experience something to learn from it - just ask your mother!

And now for something completely different...some home inspiration.... ;)

Top 4 images from Design Sponge; image with boat from Threading the Choirs; Bottom 3 images from Hello Tiger