Saturday, December 11, 2010

The silly season

I'm not entirely sure why this time of year if often referred to as the silly season, but for me its definitely silly because of all the 'stuff' going on.  Its the busiest time of year in our industry for one, which is why I have abandoned my blog for the last week or so, then there is all the end of year school things, not to mention the parties, functions and frenzied shopping malls.  
It is my intention to reserve the silliness to good times with friends and family (like the hilarious game of 30 Seconds the girls and I played this evening) and not get sucked up in the stressed out last minute Christmas craziness that suddenly takes hold of everyone.  Tomorrow we are off the the Milnerton market to look for some lovely 'recycled' Christmas gifts and then off on the annual Christmas branch hunt.  Apart from some gorgeous sparkly lights and the girls stockings, the house is looking far too un-Christmassy and its time to rectify that - post haste!  Which makes me think, what I am really missing are Christmas cards.  Email is a marvel for keeping up with friends but I really miss having a string of cards up at this time of year - getting a singing reindeer in your inbox just doesn't cut it.

A view from where I am sitting right - a bit shaky!


  1. gosh love those pictures, even in the next post!
    they are awesome!