Monday, September 19, 2011

This and that Monday

Monday's come around so fast don't they?  Amazingly my week has not started at a running pace so I have a bit of time to do some blog browsing before it kicks in.  The weather is playing games with us - one day sunny and warm and ever so springy, and the next cold, wet and grey again.  Actually I don't mind so much - it means you get to enjoy the best of both climates.  Saturday was an outdoor braaivleis (barbeque) and rugby day and yesterday the fire moved indoors and it was a soup and DVD day.  
We are now firmly hooked on the BBC sitcom Outnumbered.  Pete and Sue are South London suburban parents of three young children, Jake, Ben and Karen, and although it has a standard family sitcom set-up, there's a brilliant twist  -  the three children are not given a script.  Instead, they're given a very basic outline of a scene and told to improvise. The result is British comedy at its best as the children behave like real children and are the stars of a show.

Here are a few of the things I'm loving right now...

The Mulberry retro ice-cream van doing the rounds in London during London Fashion Week

The discovery of An Afternoon With - via Miss Moss

Lindsey Thornburg's short film that forms part of her 2011 collection campaign.  It follows two mischievous 'clowns' as they caper through the countryside.  The film was made in collaboration with photographer/director Olivia Malone and director/editor Crystal Moselle - watch it here

And, on a more personal note.... I love that Sarah isn't too old to look for tadpoles in puddles on the common, and the joy our two dogs get when they are let loose for a good run!

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  1. The weekends never do last long enough! Happy Monday!