Wednesday, August 11, 2010


All over Cape Town there are signs of spring and I have seen bulbs starting to send up their shoots all over my garden and everyone else's (I am one of those neighbours who peers over walls into everyone's garden when we take the dogs for a walk or go for a bike ride).  Apart from my almond tree which is always one of the first to blossom (and sadly they are almost all gone already), snowdrops are the next to pop up all over the place.  Yesterday I picked some and put them in jars and they make me happy whenever I look at them - like these ones right at my front door!  My other favourite is jasmine - I 'steal' pieces of it when I pass jasmine creepers (I have a different variety of jasmine in my garden that doesn't come into flower until later) and put them in my car - they make it smell wonderful!
I'm not quite ready for winter to be over yet, but I love all the signs of spring.

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