Thursday, May 5, 2011

Central Park in Spring - From Me To You

There is no question that New York City is a place I have to visit and it is my dream to be go there in either spring or autumn when I do.  I get such city envy when I read Monique's blog Tipa Tipa and after looking at these pics on Jamie's spectacular blog, From Me To You, I am more committed than ever to make that trip!  Jamie is the most amazing photographer and if you haven't visited her blog already (unlikely!) then I suggest you go there immediately.

All images by Jame Beck - From Me To You


  1. Such beautiful pictures! Now I have 'city envy'!

  2. I just love when spring rolls around and everything starts to bloom, gorg!
    xo Lynzy

  3. These are the most gorgeous pictures... it makes me want to visit New York so bad! I always wanted to but kind of let it go... maybe someday :)

  4. These photos are lovely. I always say I'm going to take Josh on a date to Central Park and I end up not doing it. I really need to make that happen. Perhaps a boat ride would be sweet! I'm really glad you enjoy my blog. I enjoy yours as well!