Friday, May 20, 2011

If I could....

...... I would love to take a stroll through the streets of Paris to do a bit of window shopping!  That's just what I feel like doing this weekend - if I could...  After window shopping I would take in a bit of sightseeing, have a coffee and brioche in a street cafe, followed by a visit to some galleries.
My sister is off the France next month - a few days in Cannes for the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival (she keeps reminding me that this part of her trip is work!), then a week in Antibes before going to Paris - sigh, I am completely envious!

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  1. Ooooh that sounds like a plan! I would love the do a bit of Paris people-watching in a street side cafe complete with good coffee and good pastries! Very jealous of your sister's plans!

  2. lovely..."Paris is always a good idea!" Audrey Hepburn

  3. Ahh I'd love to be there's been too many years since I've been and such a short trip. Safe and happy travels to your sister

  4. Oh wow, how beautiful and enticing are all these images! That pile of ballet shoes is amazing! Need to travel asap!xx