Monday, April 26, 2010

Another weekend been and gone, but tomorrow is a bank holiday so I am only back at work for a day (or half a day if I can wing it!) and another lazy day tomorrow followed by a 3-day week – yippee!  The weather over the weekend was pure perfection – 25C, not a breath of wind, not a cloud in the sky.  I spent a lot of my time crossing things off my ‘list’ - i.e. Clearing out and making donations to charity, I got back onto my bicycle after way too many months, Danie pruned the mulberry tree (no mean feet as it was out of control!) and we ordered wood for winter.  It feels SO good to have done all those things and my ‘list’ looks much better with all those ticks next to it!
I had a bit of a baking flop yesterday.  Sarah asked me to please make Lamington Squares again but alas I had to adjust the recipe because I didn’t have enough of all the ingredients.  BIG mistake – it came out like a stodgy biscuit.  Fortunately the lamb wraps we made for lunch were delicious!
Danie has finished fixing up his 1962 Honda Cub and says he is ready to sell it.  He has really done the most remarkable job on it – when he bought it it was grubby and wouldn’t start.  Now it is shining like it is brand new and starts up first time, every time – I am really proud of him.  It seems a shame to sell it, but I know he is already looking for another vintage bike in bad shape that he can fix up.

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