Monday, April 12, 2010

Back at last

I am back at my blog with renewed inspiration and determination to maintain it for longer than a few weeks! Although my musings and pics will have little appeal to the masses, its a good way to record what I am thinking and doing and at the very least I am sure I will look back at it in the future.

It has been a wonderful autumn weekend in Cape Town with temperatures more reminiscent of summer than autumn or winter. We had the privilege of attending the wedding service of my daughters dancing teacher – some of the girls acted as ‘Guard of Honour’, holding up their swords for the wedding couple to pass under - its a beautiful tradition. My girls and I watched the movie ‘Bright Star’ 3 times – it is so beautiful – both the story and the visuals, it has to be my current favourite movie!

Yesterday we went off to the local ‘car boot sale’ market to rifle through lots of junk in search of a missed treasure. I had to laugh as Emma came home with a 1970’s SA government issue telephone and Sarah came home with an early 80’s mechanical typewriter! These are two girls who have an Apple Macbook computer and up to date cellphones! Its great to know they have an appreciation for retro and vintage. I was thrilled to find a serving platter and gravy boat with saucer from the same collection of some plates I have – and at a fraction of the price I would have paid in a shop – what a score.

We ended the weekend on Clifton 4th beach at sunset last night. We met up with good friends who have been here for a holiday from Seattle. It was a perfect evening, not a breath of wind and remarkably warm for this time of year. We eventually had to drag ourselves home after 8pm as the girls are back to school today, but it was tough to leave because it was so great to be there and it will be a few years till we see our friends again.

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