Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday - already!

Sometimes Friday seems to come so fast it makes your head spin!  That’s how I feel today.  It feels like yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that it was Monday, with a busy week stretched out before me like an abyss, and here I am Friday morning and I don’t know how I got here!  Its been quite a week on the work front and I’m not sorry its over, I just hope I have done all I had to do.  Next week is yet another ‘short’ week with Tuesday being a public holiday – April is literally riddled with them.
Another weekend with no hard and fast plans as the house in in turmoil with the girls rooms being painted.  Emma’s room is done and it looks amazing – its true what they say about a coat of paint!  Now she and I have to get stuck into things and do a clear-out and donation drive – I’m looking forward to it.

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