Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We’ve started to paint the interior of the house. Its way overdue, something she should have done about a year ago and probably a project we should have done during summer, but it’s the only time Danie is available to oversee the job and he likes to project manage these things himself. Emma is the lucky one to get her bedroom done first and despite the upheaval – everything from her room is strewn around the house and we no longer have a lounge – there is something so exciting about the smell of fresh paint.  The girls were quite keen to paint a colour in their rooms, but we have opted for clean white and if they really want some colour they can select one wall to paint.  White might be boring but it is so easy to live with and its so much easier to introduce colour into the room through furnishings, fabrics and artwork. Our house is really in need of quite a lot of attention, being an old house it needs constant upkeep.  I desperately want to re-sand and varnish our wooden floors.  We bought the house close to 12 years ago and the years of children, dogs and general home traffic have taken their toll on the floors, which are looking dull and scratched. I can only suggest these things to Danie one at a time or he sort of spins out with all the demands!

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