Friday, August 21, 2009

Another cold and wet day but it is Friday so it doesn’t feel too bad. Getting into work this morning I had to stop for a large, black pot-bellied pig to cross the road – not a usual occurrence in a city but quite the norm in this part. There is a school up the road that has some farm animals and either they regularly let their two pigs out to forage in the streets or the pigs have a way of escaping. Its quite sweet really – piggy in the city – I love that tenuous link to rural life!
I think that when spring arrives we are going to get a couple of chickens again. We had two lovely, fat hens a few years ago and apart from the fact that they produced one gorgeous fresh egg each everyday, they were family pets and I was quite heart sore when my husband gave them away (another story!). They were great at keeping the garden pests under control but not so great for seedlings and forget about planting any veggies. They also has a habit of coming into the house and finding their way onto the beds where they would leave evidence of having been there... So there are things I do miss about them, and things I don’t - but I still loved them.
My friend Tina sent me this pic taken in Hoboken, New Jersey. Wow, if only it really was mine! Just imagine owning a deli, hmmmm..... I’ve never met an Italian called Lisa?!

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