Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wants, needs, desires

I don’t know if it is because its nearly spring or because its just about time I did something, but I have itchy fingers to do some ‘stuff’ to my house! Apart from the fact that it is very much due for a good paint (and cracks need to be filled – again!), I just feel like it is looking very drab and boring. I pour over magazines and get so inspired to do all sorts of things, but then the usual obstacles prevent me from doing anything – like money. Then there is the ‘priority’ list – what is most urgent. I would love to paint the house but its an expensive job that will leave no money for anything else, plus the fact that my lovely husband will only have one colour on the walls – white! I can live with white walls as long as I can introduce colour in other ways, but then I look at pictures and I would love to experiment with some different coloured walls – even if it is just one wall within a room.
Probably one of the biggest ‘emergencies’ in my house at the moment is to replace one of the couches. It is too big for our lounge, is the most boring of fabrics and is coming apart at the seams. I am dying to get rid of it and get a lovely new one.
And then there are the girls rooms. It is high time they got a bit of a makeover. Nothing too radical or expensive, they just need a little ‘maturing’. Oh yes, and more cupboard space! I love freestanding wardrobes and that is what we have, but the reality is they never look as good as the picture above! Thanks to Design Sponge for amazing images to drool over!
So, its time to make the list and get some quotes and see how far we can go and what we can do on a shoestring budget!

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