Monday, August 3, 2009

What a wonderful weekend it has been......gorgeous weather, great friends, good food! The weekend kicked off with a deliciously social and relaxed dinner with family – its been a while since my family have got together like this and whenever we do we wonder why we don’t do it more often. The conversation is great, we tackle contentious issues head one and everyone gets to share their opinion, and in the end we all have a really good laugh which is what really makes it special. Laughter is the best medicine and boy do we know how to laugh together!
This weekend had a very definite feeling of spring about it. Our almond tree is in full blossom and absolutely stunning – every single person who walks or drives past our house pauses to enjoy its beauty. Alas, a week from now it will all be over. Already our driveway is a mass of pink petals – it looks like wedding confetti has been strewn all over it – but if we get some rain this week there won’t be a blossom left on the tree – so sad. But its not the only sign of spring. Going out for a bike ride yesterday afternoon we were assailed by the scent of jasmine in the air – I love it!

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