Friday, August 14, 2009

What a fabulous idea! Such a shame my poor Danie is recovering from a hernia op or I would be loading him, the girls and the dogs into the car and seeing where it takes us! I remember a weekend many, many years ago (long before we had the girls) when Danie and I did just that. We were living in Johannesburg at the time and we were desperate to get out of the city. We got into the car and picked a direction to head out of town and just drove. We did get quite lost but eventually ended up on what I am certain was private property on the edge of a secluded piece of river that ran into the Hartebeepoort dam. We threw down out picnic blanket and spent the next couple of hours eating and dreaming while being watched by baboons and iguanas! It became a favourite place for us and we went back many times.

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