Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anniversaries and honeymoons

This month is our 15th wedding anniversary.  We’ve been a couple for 21 years (met when I was 18 and then again a year later and have been together ever since), and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown – it feels like just yesterday that we were planning the wedding.  Looking back I don’t think there is a single thing I would change about my life, I am so very, very lucky.  Danie is working on a movie for a couple of weeks and will be away for the actual anniversary date so we will have to celebrate it afterwards, but I need to start planning what we will do now.  I am thinking along the lines of a romantic getaway for a night.  As we met in Hermanus all those years ago it would be quite fitting to go there, but we go there a lot as a family so it might be better to go elsewhere for a change - there are so many gorgeous places within an hours drive from Cape Town.  If wishes were horses I would go back to Skiathos (and take Emma and Sarah too of course!) where we spent our honeymoon, but we are planning a trip there next year if we can afford it.  Fortunately for me, my step mom owns one of the most gorgeous villa’s on the island, Villa Ella, so it is simply a case of getting ourselves there.
This picture was taken on the first night of our honeymoon in Skiathos.  Poor Danie looks completely shellshocked and I look like I'm giving someone a hard time about something! I also look in desperate need of a tan - something I have never had in my whole life!

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