Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Mac Donald

I was wrong, it is not 25C today but rather cold and misty with more rain forecast for today and the rest of the week – I have always been more a cold weather girl than a hot weather girl so no complaints from me.  My only grumble is that our electricity went out at around 5pm yesterday and only came back on at 5.30am this morning!  Its something we had to get accustomed to last winter, with rolling blackouts because of power shortages, but then we were forewarned – not last night however.  Because I was sure the power would come on sometime during the night I didn’t shower and so I had to have a really cold one this morning – brrrrr!  Poor Em had to study by candle light – although it was quite apt as she was studying the French Revolution (no electricity in those days!) and French, which was fine as we sat in front of the fire and ran through naming all the rooms in the house and their contents – bonne chance Emma!
I have discovered something to add to my Wish List  - I have the two lists going, the ‘have to do' list and the ‘want to do list'.  There is a fabulous hotel in the centre of town called the Grand Daddy, and in July this year they are opening their Airstream trailer park in a gorgeous part of the world called Elgin.  It looks amazing – what a retro-fantastic way to spend a weekend – we’ve GOT to go!

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