Friday, May 14, 2010


Yesterday and today have been quite stressful on the work front and have therefore left me quite depleted and uninspired.  The best way to rectify this is to browse some blogs and share someone else's inspiration!  I am still not sure how you are supposed to do these things, but hope that if I give all the correct credits and links I will not be stepping on any toes and doing something I shouldn’t.
I came across these pictures on
Pia Jane Bijkirk’s blog yesterday, and as I had just been ‘dreaming in Greek’ after reminiscing about my honeymoon, they struck a particular chord.  Apart form the spectacularly beautiful photography, I am completely in love with these interiors.  I followed Pia’s links to the photographer, Stratis Vogiatzis' website and you can view more inspiring and beautiful pictures here.
Fortunately it IS Friday so in a few hours my current low spirits will be lifted as I head home for the weekend.  Oh, and we are going to the ballet tonight!  That’s something to look forward to.....

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