Monday, May 24, 2010

Chicken Soup for body & soul

I spent the best part of the weekend on my bed with a very sore head that has subsequently turned into a cold, and there is nothing quite like a head cold to leave you feeling wiped out and sorry for yourself.  I was feeling so awful I couldn’t even find the energy to read a book, watch a movie or page through a magazine.  Emma and Sarah were heroic, popping in just often enough to check that I was okay, but not enough to disturb me, all the while fielding phone calls and beggars at the door – Saturday and Sunday afternoon regulars.
Still feeling under the weather, I went past the Jewish deli on my way home from work for some medicinal chicken soup for our dinner, and we have been watching Julia & Julie in front of the fire.  I haven't even finished watching the movie and already it has become a favourite!

Oh, to live in Paris in the 1950's......

Haven't we all had moments like these?!

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