Thursday, May 6, 2010

A good deed

After years of good intentions I have finally registered with the blood bank and I made my first donation this morning – it feels good.  My friend Laura and I went along before work and apart from the ‘cringe’ factor (I am not a great fan of needles and blood), it really wasn’t that bad.  It also gave Lau and I a good excuse for a catch-up and we got free tea and biscuits and a comfortable chair to sit in and chat.
Last night my wonderful, special friends Nats and Mal came for the night and as usual it was a night of laughter and fun.  Another good friend who I just don’t see enough, Fiona, and her daughter Cayleigh came too and we all sat around the dining room table for hours.  Nats and Mal are opening a shop in Hermanus next month – so exciting.  They are two of the most creative people I know and Mal’s drawings of birds and animals are incredible.

Moleskin doodles
Putting a shine on my silverware

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